The Sutekiwood structure is suitable for all types of projects, from extensions to private homes to medium and high rise building complexes. The Sutekiwood system is a concept of post and beam and connectors that are assembled without screws or nuts.  


Modular, Sutekiwood constructions can evolve over time and can also be dismantled. Sutekiwood projects are assembled in record time. 3 days are enough to build the wooden structure of a 2-storey family house with an area of about 260 m², 4 people.

Structure Bois Écologique


Wood, a noble material allows to achieve clean sites with a perfect control of waste. The species of wood used in glued laminated wood (BLC) are from European forests. The short circuits are favored to participate in an economic and ecological solution.

Structure Bois Economique


The use of complementary bio-sourced materials allows, depending on their performance and their implementation, to achieve low consumption or passive buildings. The house becomes the source of its energy savings or even its energy production.

Sutekiwood, the Kiwood brand

Sutekiwood is a wooden construction concept inspired by the Japanese tradition and its art of well-being. Designed like a lego, the glued laminated wood posts and beams are assembled using connectors without screws or nuts. No need for a workshop, the building can be erected directly on site. Created and patented in Japan, it is certified in Europe by the CSTB under the approval number ETA-14/0216.

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Durability and quality

With over 60 years of experience in the construction industry, Suteki Wood System started in Japan.

Suteki Wood System

Suteki Wood System is a fast construction method. A team of four can build the structure of a 2-story single-family house (with a total area of 260m²) in just three days. A house can be completed in 60 days.


Sutekiwood uses a simple, clean and modern system. Its wooden elements are both structural and decorative. The beauty of wood can be highlighted, as chosen by the client and architect. Wood offers a great capacity for adaptation and evolution.

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The Suteki Wood System construction system facilitates low energy consumption… Know more


Suteki Wood System adapts to the needs of your projects. Our structures meet the requirement of small and large scales projects in perfect correlation with your needs.  Know more


Since 1950, more than 100,000 projects have been completed with this wood concept in Japan. Know more


Nature offers us the most precious building materials to build your ideal projects. Know more